Whey and Casein Protein differences


Casein or whey is a nutrient, that should be taken to gain muscles and to enhance performance. There are many different types including the vegan protein muscle supplements, soy protein powder, pea protein powder, and more. ┬áProteins are the vital part of one’s bodybuilding process as it provides critical amino acids to serve building blocks for the growth of new muscles.

Some Facts About Nutrition Casein Protein:

Two most popular Protein Supplements

Casein and whey are the major types of protein supplement, enlightened with an excellent source of branched chain amino acids even then both have different profiles.

How is nutrition casein Pro different from others?

Nutrition casein protein makes a great difference because of its high biological value of protein and inclusion of all essential amino acids. Because of its high-quality ingredients and extended effects, nutritionists recommend this supplement before bedtime in the night so that muscles fed during the sleep.

Why is casein slow digesting protein?

This protein supplement is an insoluble and liable to formulate micelles to increase its solubility in the water. Now a question strikes in mind that why Nutrition Casein Pro is a slow processing supplement. When milk is processed with heat and acid, peptides and micelle of casein denatured so that a simpler form of structures can be created.

Difference between Casein and Whey

Whey rapidly increases the number of amino acids and protein synthesis but only for short periods. While casein supplement such as Dymatize Nutrition Elite delivers blood amino acids for an extended period that results in less decrease in protein breakdown.

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