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Simple Living Simple Cooking

The new year 2017 is full of resolutions. Simple living simple cooking should be embraced as you start a new chapter in your life. Nutrition, new year resolution is the key principle for healthy life today. You may love to eat so many interesting food every day but lack of nutritional value in it makes our bodies weak and unfit. The positive steps should be taken in order to remain healthy. Proper planning for what you are supposed to take is one of the best resolution that you should make in order to have healthy and nutritional value in every simple cooking.


The physical fitness is the state of general good health. You should eat the balanced diet every day so that you stay healthy throughout. Exercise should be done for good circulation of blood and in maintaining a healthy weight. Eating well and taking enough water can assist you greatly in having a good health. You also need to consider the elderly persons, children, the sick during simple living simple cooking as each one of them requires special more new year Resolutions.

Stay healthy this year by maintaining good eating habits so that you can have healthy heart and brain with functioning immune system. Get enough fats, vitamins, proteins, mineral salt since they assist a lot in keeping our bodies healthy and fit. One nutrient should not be over-used since it might lead to diseases, for instance excess sugar can lead to diabetes.

Simple Living Simple Cooking


Make your life simple today by making your body to stay fit and healthy. You need not to worry about your financial state in order to remain healthy. It is so simple to begin. Exercises is very necessary for the general body fitness and for the good health. If you do some exercises every day, you reduce the risks of heart disease, high blood pressure and the diabetes .It also relieves you from the many stresses and therefore improving your memory and general moods.Exercise also can assist in reducing the weight of a person and in maintaining the good health depending on the type of exercises like going to gym and running.


Balances diet is necessary for maintaining our bodies and for the good health. Nutritional value in every food that we take should be considered as this is necessary in having the good health and in fighting the diseases. Prevention is better than cure should be embraced in having a sound body in every diet that you take. Nutrition, new year resolution should be the key consideration in every food that you prepare. The recipes for every food that you are preparing should be followed well so that the nutritional values are not lost. Clean environment free from flies, dirt and bad smells needs to be prevented as these can reduce the appetite of a person.There should be proper drainage system and proper disposal of litter, garbage and other waste in order to prevent diseases that may arise and affect your health.

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